English « [Gruppe ISKRA] ::: Die Vernichtung des Nazismus mit all seinen Wurzeln ist unsere Losung.

Presentation “who we are, what we want, how we are organized”

“The spread of freedom is the best security for the free. It is our last line of defence and our first line of attack.” Tony Blair

We are an association of young human beings who want to achieve a better life with the help of our experiences, conceptions and ideas in Frankfurt (Oder) for ourselfs and for others.
Constantly “no-Germans”, “communists” or “homosexuals” are discriminated. Racist thinking, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, sexist behaviour, social exclusion, cultural monotony and national glorification of Germany is too much welcome in everyday life in this town. Particularly the prejudices and ignorance of many Germans against our Polish neighbours from Slubice is not acceptable. These conditions have to be changed. From this criticism we define our work. It is a reflection of our status of life. We are aware of the fact that Frankfurt is not an island in a vacuum. Therefore our political aims are not only related to this town.

In our opinion, the oppression of human beings by other human beings is not acceptable – whether in post-modern West, in Islamic Arabia or in former socialist states. Fundamentally, we hold the opinion that the life of humans must take place in the highest possible liberty – in this “utopian” liberty, in which everything is possible, as long as the interests of others are not hurt. This liberty is not limited only to political rights. We though that the right of freedom, of speech, of thought, of opinion, of meeting, of religion, or of movement is a great achievement which have to be defended any time.
At the same time we talk about a free society, in which a socially secured life can take place. People in poverty with financial difficulties have fewer development opportunities and are excluded systematically from political discourses and access to culture.

This political and social liberty is prevented by various mechanisms of exploitation controlling our life. They are secured by the construct “nation”. All rubbing out fundamental rights is justified for surviving of the own nation – for Germany. This is accompanied by superficial and most national campaigns called “We are Germany”, racist “Leitkultur” – debates (Leitkultur: germ, like “guidance culture”) from the CDU (ruling party, conservative) or militant fascist forces, in order to avoid an outbreak of existent conditions. Historically also the solution socialism – like it was practised – was a product for suppression and control of human-beings. Also other facts like heterogeneous gender teachings support existing conditions. A society with emancipated individuals is only realizable – to express it shortly – with left-wing, liberal, anti-fascist and radical-democratic work, in which features like “nation” or “gender” do not play any role. Nationalist, racist or anti-Semitic thinking are much more than an obstacle, in order to prevent democratic participation and the liberty of the individual.

For this, we don‘t want to fall behind regressive anti-capitalism. Our system is not the product of some few – not of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Israel or the USA. Also without “bad capitalists”, we would have capitalism and exploitation. It’s important to understand capitalism as a system of everyone. Every country, every company is a part of it. Capitalism is not a conspiracy of a few – it works because we work.

Therefore the examination of phenomenons like nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and other associated topics is of special importance to us today. That does not mean that we are uncommunicative to other affairs. In addition we have partially different political opinions in our group to some points of issue. Nevertheless we have much in common which concerning our political understanding. This understanding provide the basis of our mutual cooperation.

The Highest priority of our work is spreading of our opinions, ideas and conceptions. Thus substantially two things are to be caused: On the one hand this is our contribution for the development and establishment of an emancipated and (also) critical youth culture. It can adorn the life at this place by cultural enriching or the active fight against Nazi-structures. At the other hand nothing is changed by avoidable “alternative” look. Instead we have to discuss the real content – the surface doesn‘t matter. Especially all anti-Polish and generally racist and anti-Semitic stereotypes must be pushed away from the heads of human-beings.

Besides it is our attempt to enrich the radical leftist in Frankfurt (Oder) and Brandenburg (federal state around Berlin) by our conceptions and experiences. By constructional discussions the political leftist is supported being able regarding their work critically. In this way, avoiding past mistakes and exchanging experiences, we strengthen structures of emancipated leftists on the long-term. We measure our success therein to what extent we can change our local surroundings in the sense of our convictions and conceptions.

We are a loose association of young students organizing themselves basis-democratically without any hierarchies. There are no chairpersons, leaders or executive committees, no press officers or treasurers. This is a characteristic of our emancipatory requirement. We decide together, what we have to do or not. That requires also a high measure of mutual confidence and self-control of everyone. During our meetings we have no boss or leaders. If we need a decision, we always try to find a consensus, because the opinions of minorities in the group should also influence our political view as long as they don‘t oppose our fundamental principles. Decisions, which are not supported by every member, are not to be dictated by the majority. Besides we will always examine our structures for functionality and internal power structures and hierarchies, so that we satisfy our own political requirements. We face new members positively. For a full cooperation we would like to get to know more about you.

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